Our history

The history of the Cafissi family in this street of Florence begins in much more recent years. Between the 1930s and 1940s, the grandfather Rolando began his activity as a carver in Borgo San Jacopo, the road that connects Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita. Initially Rolando carved mirrors, chandelier arms, sculptures and small objects. But as he becomes better, and in demand by the market, he widens the spaces destined to the laboratory and the warehouse. Also because in the meantime he had expanded the offer: not only objects, but also furniture and furnishing accessories. The carving and the handmade decoration, together with the gilding with gold leaf, transform the wood into furniture with a refined look: bed headboards, drawers, dressers and small windows. Later the business is carried out by the daughter and after her grandchildren, or Andrea and Barbara who now run the company Cafissi 1948, moved in the 2000s in a more decentralized area. Once the spaces where they had grown empty, between the smell of wood and the teachings of his grandfather, Andrea and Barbara had no doubts. They decided to open the door of what for the family was a second home to anyone who wants to know a piece of the history of Florence.


The Florence of artisans

In the 50s and 60s Borgo San Jacopo was full of artisans: there were those who made crystal chandeliers, who worked silver and who leather, and who like grandfather Rolando carved furniture. Walking down the street was an incredible experience made of noises, smiles and smells. Actors and celebrities from all over the world came to shop in these shops. It’s still the story of when Grace Kelly passed by with her elegance. Today you can relive part of this atmosphere when you cross the threshold of the palace and imagine what the Florence of the 50s was like.


In the surroundings of the property

  • Ponte Vecchio 0,2 km

  • Salvatore Ferragamo Museum 0,2 km

  • Via Maggio 0,2 km

  • Pitti Palace 0,3 km

  • Consulate General of Brazil (Florence) 0,3 km

  • Via Dè Tornabuoni 0,3 km

  • Uffizi Gallery 0,4 km

  • Rucellai Palace 0,4 km

  • Strozzi Palace 0,4 km

  • Signoria Square 0,5 km

  • Vecchio Palace 0,5 km

  • Basilica of Santa Maria Novella 0,8 km

  • Duomo square 0,8 km

  • Central market 1 km

  • Accademia Gallery 1,2 km

  • Michelangelo square 1,3 km

  • Sant'Ambrogio Market 1,3 km

  • Basilica of San Marco 1,4 km


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