Apartments in the center of Florence a few steps from Ponte Vecchio

The apartments Art Stays are of various types. They can be booked individually or jointly.

For example, Arno and Pitti on the same floor can be booked together by a large family (up to 9 people) or even by a group of friends who want to be close. Each unit has its own independent access via magnetic card, so as to guarantee maximum freedom in respect of privacy.

Ground floor

On the ground floor, with direct access from the courtyard, there are the two apartments Calza and Sprone, each with private entrance, via magnetic card. The two units can be sold separately or jointly, for a total of 8 beds.

First floor

On the first floor you will find the apartment Ponte Vecchio divided into several units: San Jacopo and Vasari, which in turn can be divided into two Suites Boboli and Peacock for a total of 10 beds. The Suites can be sold individually, but two of these have a shared dining room, so often we are asked by a single family. Each Suite still has its magnetic card for a separate entrance.

Third floor

On the third floor you will find the apartment Bellosguardo divided into two Suites: Pitti and Arno. The Suites share a living room with kitchen and sofa bed for a total of 9 beds. The two Suites can be sold individually, however having the dining room in common are often required by a single family or friends. Each Suite still has its own magnetic card for an independent entrance. The third floor is not equipped with a lift.